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This free workshop introduces your team to effective AI Governance and the tools that help you comply with the EU AI Act.

One interactive 2-hour session
Individual AI Governance action plan
Designed for all organizations that develop or use AI

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AI Governance Essentials

We help all your relevant stakeholders to grasp the complex world of AI Governance. Introducing common frameworks, but focusing on how to put them into practice.


Learn about the world's first comprehensive AI legislation that regulates AI systems provided or deployed within the EU. We help you to understand the obligations you are likely to face.

Your Action Plan

To realize the value of your newly acquired knowledge, we will create your individual action plan together during the workshop.  


The interactive format of the workshop offers a unique opportunity for you to ask any question related to AI Governance or the EU AI Act to our experts.

Frequently asked questions

Do you have open questions about the workshop? Find an answer below, or send your question directly to

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for all organization that develop or deploy AI systems (own or procured). It is designed to cater to different stakeholders, from compliance to developers and AI leads. It is especially relevant for all companies affected by the EU AI Act, or those who want to find out whether they are.

What does it cost?

The workshop is for free!

Why do it with trail?

Our team has diverse expertise in AI Governance and covers technical, as well as compliance aspects. Our experts have experience in advising companies in AI Governance, as well as implementing our governance solution trail in SMEs and enterprises with high-risk AI use cases. We are working together with relevant standardization and certification bodies in Europe and bring the latest knowledge to the table. This enables us to guide you in practicing AI Governance, both to scale your AI adoption rates and to prepare you for upcoming regulation, such as the EU AI Act.

What will I get out of the workshop?

This workshop helps you to understand your current governance maturity level and to increase the AI literacy among your team members. You will also get an individual action plan on how to set up effective AI Governance in your organization to both create trustworthy AI solutions and to facilitate compliance with the EU AI Act.

How will the workshop be conducted?

Depending on where you are located, we will conduct the workshop in-person or online. We will first give you an introduction to the essentials of AI Governance and the EU AI Act. Afterwards, we will go through a practical example and design an action plan on how you can get started with effective AI Governance in your organization. We will keep the session interactive  to give you the chance to ask the expert on any related topics!

What happens after the workshop?

After the workshop, you are ready to get started on AI Governance and put what you've learned into practice. We offer different possibilities to continue and support you in your journey forward - but no strings attached!

Request our AI Governance Framework

Already want to read into AI Governance? Request our free and actionable trail governance framework that is also featured in the European Commission's AI Alliance.