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We are featured on the European Commission forum: "Implementing AI Governance: from Framework to Practice"

Build AI with trust and efficiency

trail offers the simplest way to operationalize AI Governance, empowering developers and businesses to create trustworthy AI solutions.

Designed for AI leaders

The copilot for holistic AI Governance

Incorporate the principles of trustworthiness and create understanding for your AI systems. The trail copilot unlocks your AI Governance by automating the manual and time-consuming tasks of AI development.

Classify and overview your AI projects

One central hub for all AI projects of your organization. Perform model risk assessments, access all relevant project information and increase transparency across teams.

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Create transparency during development

Trace back any decisions made during machine learning development. Combining data, models, hypotheses and outcomes in one central place.

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Communicate efficiently across teams

Aggregate the most important information and metrics of each project in a dashboard. Tailored to the needs of different stakeholders, such as compliance or engineers.

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Save time through automated documentation

Generate accurate documentation and reports of your machine learning development from code, data and model to inform you about capabilities and risks. Use our governance framework templates or create your own.

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Create more trust

Enhance the credibility of your AI solutions with trail's governance copilot.

and stay efficient.

trail keeps AI projects on track and high-performing.

Unsure where you are standing?

Schedule a free call to assess your current state of AI Governance.

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Flexible and easy.

Are you prepared for the EU AI Act?

It takes time to meet the high requirements: traceable AI development and documentation, robust risk management and technical audits. Gain a head start on the EU AI Act by preparing now.

With trail you can avoid reputational loss and penalties of up to €35m or 7% of your annual revenue.

This is how trail helps you to comply with the EU AI Act:

Adapt the AI Act through documentation templates to your organization's workflows.

Start With AI Governance

Transfer the regulatory requirements of the EU AI Act into actionable steps already during development.

Assessment Call

Assess your risks and governance measures for each AI project before official audit.

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