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We are featured on the European Commission forum: "Implementing AI Governance: from Framework to Practice"

The data science copilot that enables trust and efficiency


Save Time During ML Development

Our copilot is your new best friend: it automates the manual, time-consuming and annoying tasks of machine learning development, like documentation, searching for information and communication.

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Automated Documentation

Automated model, data and code documentation by just one click

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Manage Experiments

Track, manage and share experiment runs to improve your model with advanced recommendations

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Centralized Information

Find all relevant project information in one place without searching


Increase Quality and Gain Trust

Keep doing what you love while making sure you can trace and trust the outcome. Mitigate risks and reduce manual overhead of upcoming regulation already during machine learning development.

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Deliver with Confidence

Ship to production with confidence, knowing your model performs the way you intend

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Explainability and Tests

Enhance explainability and mititgate risk with the integrated trail test suite

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Compliance by Design

Achieve compliance by design - with governance frameworks for all use cases and automated audit trails

Flexible. Easy. Safe.

Strive Towards Collaboration

Close the gap between tech and non-tech stakeholders and assure all needs are met. Ease communication friciton with collaborative yet stakeholder-specific views.

With trail you can close the gap between tech and non-tech stakeholders during ML development. Bring ML engineers, AI team leads and Compliance one one page.

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