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We are featured on the European Commission forum: "Implementing AI Governance: from Framework to Practice"

AI Governance made simple

Reduce the risks of AI and gain trust instead, while maximizing efficiency.

Audit Trail

Trace back any decisions made during machine learning development. Combining data, models, hypotheses and outcomes in one central place.

Automated Documentation

trail generates accurate documentation and reports of your ML development from code, data and model to inform you about capabilities and risks. Use our governance framework templates or create your own.

Developer Tools - Sleek X Webflow Template

Metrics, parameters and artifacts of your last model run

Fast Navigation - Sleek X Webflow Template

Sources, metrics and distributions of your dataset

The Smartest Editor - Sleek X Webflow Template

Analysis and aggregation of information

Get Certified

Signal the quality and trustworthiness of your AI system to your customers through external certification by our leading partners.

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Collaboration Hub

Aggregate the most important information and metrics of each project in a dashboard. Individualized to your compliance and stakeholder needs.

With trail you can close the gap between tech and non-tech stakeholders during ML development. Bring ML engineers, AI team leads and Compliance one one page.

AI Registry

One central hub for all AI projects of your organization. Access all relevant project information and increase transparency across teams.

Automated Tests

Identify and mitigate compliance gaps effortlessly with trail, empowering teams for compliant engineering without additional overhead.

Audit Trail

Bring transparency and reliability to your AI projects, ultimately fostering trust.

Experiment Tracking

View your machine learning development in an intuitive tree, allowing you to review and compare each experiment.

Model Cards

Access all relevant metadata and artifacts of your models and datasets to have one single truth for your metadata.

Traceback Decisions

Trace back the development using qualitative data to understand which and why decisions have been made.


Generate automated model, data and code documentation in minutes instead of hours. Always up-to-date with the latest model changes so that you can focus on the most important tasks and are ready for audits.


Use our pre-defined templates based on various governance frameworks, such as IEEE or EU AI Act, to start right away.


Automatically create documentations that match each stakeholder's knowledge level and needs.

Automated Documentation

No matter if for onboarding, reporting or audit purposes — documentation is an important factor to understand what you did during development and to comply with policies. But it is very time-consuming. Time that trail gives you back.

AI Registry

Gain clarity and control over all your organization's projects. Oversee what you are building, in which stage, at which risk and who is responsible for each AI system.


Manage AI projects from one central hub, classify model risk, and access relevant project information to increase transparency across teams.

Pure Flexibility

Text, tables, images, regressions, classifications or segmentations — each project looks different. trail supports all data and model types.

Access Knowledge

Reduce knowledge silos and dependencies with individualized views such that every team member can find and access the right information at any time. Move from scattered information to a centralized information system.

Shared Understanding

Using role-specific dashboards and reports, less technical stakeholders can understand what is happening on your AI project. Create summaries for high-level stakeholders and explanations for business or compliance teams with trail.

Collaboration Hub

Bridge the gap between technical and non-technical stakeholders, and align your team to deliver at lightning speed.

Value for the whole team

Effective AI Governance involves the joint effort of various stakeholders. Breaking knowledge and language barriers becomes pivotal.

This is how you leverage your productivity with trail:

trail equips managers and leaders with the tools to oversee AI development effectively, facilitating compliance and ensuring projects align with business objectives.

Start With AI Governance

trail supports developer teams with powerful tools for experiment tracking, reporting and decision-making, facilitating AI development while empowering you to effortlessly integrate AI Governance.

Assessment Call

Analyze and mitigate AI risks, making compliance to regulation and internal standards effortless. Mitigate potential PR damages or penalties early on, without additional overhead for you or your developers.

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How trail works: Add a few lines of code, run experiments as you would normally do, view metadata from the ML development in trail and improve your project from here.

How it works

1. Personalize your workflow

Use our guided and automated workflows out of the box, or tailor them where needed to the specific needs of your organization.

2. Integrate into developer environment

Integrate trail seamlessly into your developer's environment to gather relevant technical information without overhead for engineers.

3. Achieve trustworthiness

Analyze the ML development process and mitigate potential risks with our audit trail. Demonstrate the trustworthiness of your organization's AI systems with one-click documentation.

Seamlessly integrates into your workflow

Keep using what you like — trail integrates into your infrastructure and model frameworks.

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Integrate Tensorflow into trail.Integrate pytorch into trail.Integrate Keras into trail.Integrate scikit-learn into trail.Integrate Hugging Face into trail.Integrate Tensorflow into trail.Integrate scikit-learn into trail.
Integrate Tensorflow into trail.Integrate pytorch into trail.Integrate scikit-learn into trail.Integrate Keras into trail.Integrate Hugging Face into trail.Integrate Tensorflow into trail.Integrate scikit-learn into trail.
Integrate Pycharm into trail.Integrate VS Code into trail.Integrate AWS into trail.trail integrates Python.Integrate Google Cloud into trail.Integrate Azure into trail.Integrate Pycharm into trail.
Integrate VS Code into trail.Integrate Pycharm into trail.Integrate AWS into trail.trail integrates Python.Integrate Google Cloud into trail.Integrate Azure into trail.Integrate Pycharm into trail.

Enjoy European privacy

Mitigate AI risks without risking your client's privacy.

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Your model and data belong to you, we only store metadata.

Hosted on European servers.

Cyber Security - Sleek X Webflow Template

Deployed on-premise for enterprises, requiring maximum safety.