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We are featured on the European Commission forum: "Implementing AI Governance: from Framework to Practice"

AI Governance Made Simple

Reduce the risks of AI and gain trust instead while ensuring compliance.

Regulatory Readiness

trail analyzes your machine learning development practices to identify compliance gaps.

Rely on automatically generated documentation and be prepared for the upcoming EU AI Act!

Automated & Accessible Tests

Reduce bias and increase fairness!

Pick the model and data tests you want - or choose automated recommendations and refactoring of suitable tests.

Audit Trail

Trace back any decisions made during development and easily report to relevant stakeholders.

AI Governance Framework

Our 10-step AI governance process with specific tasks and tools for your head start. Templates included in the trail App.
Schedule a free call to assess you state of AI governance.

Get Certified

Signal the quality and trustworthiness of your AI system to your customers through external certification.

Get Started

How we enable Trustworthy AI


State of the art tests and analysis integrated into your development environment for easy access. Explained and documented to reduce bias.


Traceable development decisions and holistic model documentation for your team, internal stakeholders, and regulatory bodies.


A holistic view and advanced evaluation metrics of your model to ensure reliable performance under various conditions.